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IB Seeks Banker Input for Lender Life Column
The editors of ICBA Independent Banker magazine are seeking banker input to help shape future issues of the magazine's Lender Life column. Lender Life encompasses everything from consumer lending to commercial lending to agricultural lending. Topics can focus on the mortgage industry and housing market, technology that affects lending, or products and services such as credit cards or credit insurance. If your community bank is doing something unique in the lending arena and would like to be featured please contact our editors. Additionally, if there is an aspect of lending that you would like to see more in-depth reporting or converge on, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Attention Community Bank Social Media Enthusiasts!
ICBA has launched a social media group on LinkedIn exclusively for community bankers interested in discussing and learning about social media. The group is dedicated to all things community banking and social media and is a place where seasoned veterans and beginners alike can come together, swap ideas, learn about best practices, share articles and brainstorm. 

Group viewing settings are set on private so community bankers can freely share their thoughts and ideas in an online forum setting. Please request an invite if you are a community banker interested in discussing or sharing about social media!

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•    Join the group.

Is Your Bank A Winner? Nominations for the 2013 Community Bank Service Awards are Open.
Nominate your bank for the 2013 National Community Bank Service Awards sponsored by FIS. ICBA recognizes the important role community bankers play in supporting their local communities through their commitment to community service. If you are a community bank with a community service or volunteer program, no matter how big or small, we want to hear from you.

All community banks with a community service, volunteer, or financial literacy program are eligible to be nominated for the 2013 National Community Bank Service Awards. Entry is free and multiple entries are encouraged. You may nominate your own bank.

National Award recipients will be recognized in the April 2013 issue of the nationally recognized community banking magazine ICBA Independent Banker. As a bonus, the Grand National Award recipient receives $1,000 to use toward future community service efforts. National Award recipients each receive $500 for their programs. Nominations are due by Dec. 3, 2012.

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Read the New Issue of News.
In the latest issue of News from Michael White Associates – Unbanked, Underbanked and Underinsured: The Census Bureau reports that a staggering number of U.S. households are either unbanked or underbanked, prompting the FDIC to urge financial institutions to seek out these potential customers. Meanwhile, another study reveals “a worrisome trend for individuals and society” that represents an opportunity for insurance sales. Can your bank benefit from these untapped markets? Also in this issue, bank insurance brokerage income slips from its record high; banks’ net income climbs as interest income falls; and U.S. title insurers’ premiums and profits rise.                                                                  

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Convention Offers Insider's View of Washington
ICBA has assembled the top Washington regulators and banking experts from the CFPB, FDIC, Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency so that you can hear first-hand how Washington is addressing the key issues that affect the future of your business. In addition, hear veteran political broadcast journalist Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace (FNS), Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Sunday morning public affairs program, share his view of Washington politics during the "Inside Washington" general session.

Other distinguished speakers include:
  • Richard Cordray, director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (invited);
  • Ben Bernake, chairman, Federal Reserve (invited);
  • Martin Gruenberg, acting chairman FDIC board of directors (invited); and
  • Thomas J. Curry, chief officer of the comptroller of the currency (invited).
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In addition to the general sessions, this year's program offers nine exciting new workshop tracks. Design your own learning experience based on your personal and professional needs while earning CPE Credits. Register today to qualify for the $300 early bird discount.

    Products & Services
    Improve IT Efficiency and Security with Compushare Year-end Promotions
    Compushare, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, is running concurrent Q4 promotions exclusively for ICBA members: 1) Purchase any of Compushare’s monthly services and receive the first month FREE! 2) Sign up for Compushare’s Information Security Health Check for only $2,495 – normally $5,000 - a 50 percent DISCOUNT!

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    Compliance Working Papers
    Why use working papers? You will have an organized approach to compliance management, with risk assessment, schedule and program management all linked together.

    Webinar: A Big Picture Look at Smart Pop-up Technology

    In this webinar, presented by ICBA Preferred Service Provider 360 View, you will learn why frontline sales teams need smart pop-up technology, case studies from institutions that have been using smart pop-ups to support marketing efforts, best practices for implementation and ROI expectations when implementing smart pop-up technology.

    Thursday, Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. (Eastern time)
    Presented by Jason Tonioli, TonioliCreative

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    Webinar:  Effectively Utilizing USPS® Extra Services
    The USPS® has many extra services available to mailers, some of which are new. Often mailers choose extra services based on habit or what is familiar. By selecting the right extra service, mailers can effectively meet their objectives while reducing postage and even shipping expenditures! This informative seminar hosted on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 1 p.m. (Eastern time) by Pitney Bowes, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, will review what various extra services do, look at the costs associated with those services and provide tips on selecting the appropriate service.

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    Webinar: End of the Branch As We Know It?

    Opinions vary widely over the state of today’s branches – here to stay, in need of overhauling, or, as author Brett King contends, in danger of being gone tomorrow. This webinar by ICBA Preferred Service Provider Banker’s Dashboard will delve into branch realities to explore how the community bank branch can continue to thrive in the new face of customer interactions, and will offer tips for ranking and comparing branch performance as you evolve this channel’s role. Register online or contact Julie Durham at (770) 507-9894, ext. 104 for this informative presentation, which will be held at 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday, Oct. 25.

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    Webinar: ICBA Bancard and CPI Present: The EMV Roadmap.
    Take a strategic approach to navigate through the EMV roadmap.  Consider the boundaries and speed bumps you will encounter along the way. Many questions will arise on your travels through the EMV roadmap.‘Do my cards need to be on-line or offline?’ ‘Should I choose chip and pin or signature?’ CPI Card Group, an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, will show you how to answer these questions and how to set short-term and long-term goals to create solutions for your success! Register for a session now by clicking a date below.

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    Save the Date! Upcoming Events from ICBA Education
    Audio Conferences
    Oct. 16
    Capital Planning

    Oct. 29-30
    Loan Review - Implementing Best Practices
    The loan review process is critical to the success of any community bank. The loan process must be structured and requires policies and procedures to ensure timely identification of problem credits, asset quality and accuracy. It must also have well-defined classification guidelines that ensure consistent loan ratings and the accounting for the allowance for loan and lease losses must comply with generally accepted accounting principles. This fast-paced course will challenge your understanding of credit review in today's banking environment.

    Nov. 19-20
    Executive Director - Western Issues Conference
    In these wildly turbulent times when the very foundations of community banks are being shaken, bank leaders must recommit to the most proven and effective leadership methods available. Learn to unlock the secrets of effective leadership, exploring when to lead, coach and delegate to gain maximum leverage of your time and efforts. This day and a half intensive and interactive program enhances the skills needed in today's environment, including how to improve morale, increase productivity and inspire new and long-term employees.

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    Education Anytime, Anywhere
    Peruse ICBA’s comprehensive online education resource center for over 200 courses geared for community bank professionals. Topics range from compliance (bank specific) to human resources to personal development. Employees can earn certificates of completion, plus they can train at their convenience.
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